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The Mortgage Modification Guide

Home Mortgage Modification Calculators

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This mortgage modification calculator allows you to see what you would be paying per month and overall if you were to get your mortgage adjusted. Another great feature of this calculator is that it allows you to compare multiple sets scenarios!

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The Purpose of the Home Mortgage Modification Calculator

If you haven't noticed, the calculator allows you to compare 3 mortgage plans at once. In doing so this calculator gives people an idea of how small changes to their mortgage can save them big in the long and in some cases the short run. It also shows people that what they think may be a good deal may not actually be to their advantage. Some people may thing a mortgage with a longer term and shorter payments with very few, if any adjustment periods would be good because they will have more money up front. In reality they will be paying a lot more for their mortgage. This calculator can also give people an idea or what they can afford. Throughout this site you can also find guidelines as to what the United States Government considers a healthy level of debt and what your mortgage should actually be (in monthly payments) compared to your income.

We hope to get this modification calculator out to everyone we can in hopes that these tools will become more readily available to the public. The calculator is free to put on your site. It can be integrated into a site anywhere you please.

Future Calculators

We plan on adding to the home mortgage modification calculator and putting out more calculators in the future as well as other tools to help people really understand their options. We sincerely hope that this calculator gives you and anyone who uses more of an understanding about their mortgage.

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